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Suzhou HonbaseMachinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in kitchen waste treatment equipment, kitchen wast...
It has the function of a stomach similar to the human body, but it 'digests' organic household waste." The surface of th...
When students return to school, meals are also a focus. A school in Suzhou has used a "black technology" for dealing wit...
Catering waste mainly refers to restaurants, restaurants, canteens and other restaurant leftovers as well as fruits, veg...
In recent years, with the rapid development of urbanization and the continuous improvement of residents' consumption lev...
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Abundant resources
Technology to ensure
No sewage discharge
The production plan
Group enterprise, mass production, abundant resources, the world has 48 companies, 19 companies in China
Combine production, study and research Continuously innovate technology and process
Equipment below 3000Kg, no sewage discharge and no waste gas emission process is optional
With automation, labor-saving design, provide OEM and ODM design and production schemes
Suzhou Honbase eight advantages

Suzhou Honbase eight advantages

Professional service team, tailored solutions

Manufacturing team
Design scheme
Perfect division of labor system
Perfect service system
Professional R & D, manufacturing team Provide quality products
Provide a systematic and integrated design scheme Perfect planning to meet customer needs
Specialized production sales, production and sales division of laborEstablish a professional division of labor system
with honbase as the core to build East China and central ChinaSouth China, North China and other regional sales network and service system
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